Premier Yoga Studio

Studio Vision

The Premier Yoga Studio is owned and directed by Heather Wood, LMT. Heather's vision for the studio is to create a space of peace and tranquility to which people can escape from their day and restore.

Premier yoga studio offers mindfully sequenced, yoga classes from an Ayurvedic perspective.   Students are challenged to move slowly, through a breath centered practice which invokes profound self awareness both mentally and physically.  By synchronizing breath and dynamic movement, students safely build core strength as well as flexibility.


The practice of yoga increases physical, mental, and emotional strength. By taking just a fraction of the day and turning your focus inward, you can also increase confidence, focus, clarity, and self awareness.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to create a union or ‘yoke’ together.

Through the practice of yoga, one learns ancient techniques to create union of mind, body and spirit, thereby, Attaining Yoga.  In order to attain this union one must learn to turn their focus inward.  While the outward direction of our focus has become a survival tactic as well as a very useful tool for success in our society, the inward direction of our focus has become a foreign concept.  The practice of yoga can lead to a powerful awareness of your body and it’s habits as well as your mind and it’s patterns of thinking.  With this awareness comes the clarity, concentration, confidence and patience necessary to be stronger and more productive in our daily lives.